Been a big fan of RE for quite some time. Had 12 jars delivered not long ago. I look forward to the new website. I was amused by the number of misspellings on the previous website – once a journalism major, always a journalism major! Despite the misspellings, the salsa has always been my favorite.

Julie and Julia Movie Press Release

“The newly released movie, Julie and Julia, starring Meryl Streep includes a scene where the character Julie played by Amy Adams, receives a bottle of Religious Experience Hot Sauce. In the book Julie and Julia on which the movie is based, the author Julie Powell states “Religious Experience is the best”. Religious Experience is a Colorado product that has its origin in Grand Junction, Colorado and has been a local staple for over 20 years.”

USA Today

When asked by USA TODAY to pick the tastiest and fieriest of bottled hot sauces and salsas Dave DeWit Editor of Chile Pepper Magazine, selected “Religious Experience The Wrath” as a first choice in salsas!!!