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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL "Their best seller Religious Experience Hot Sauce"

USA TODAY When asked by USA TODAY to pick the tastiest and fieriest of bottled hot sauces and salsas Dave DeWit Editor of Chile Pepper Magazine, selected "Religious Experience The Wrath" as a first choice in salsas!!!

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE "Part of the charm of Religious Experience is it's exceptional taste."

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Have You Experienced The Wrath?
CASE 12 JARS $69.00
Twelve 16oz. Jars of Religious Experience. Mix or Match any way you like! Use the comment area of our checkout page to specify which "Heat Levels" you desire. Choose from Mild, Original, Hot, or The Wrath! All prices include shipping.
One Case Twelve bottles of our hottest, this stuff is not only blazing hot but it tastes great. A case huh? You have our respect!!! All prices include shipping.
Hot Pack $27.00
The Hot pack, two Jars of The Wrath and two Bottles of Apocalypse. If you like it hot, or know someone who does this is perfect. All prices include shipping.
About Religious Experience

   Religious Experience salsa and hot sauce uses only fresh ingredients. All our peppers, tomatoes and tomatillos are grown within fifty miles of our plant. Special attention is given to our peppers, since their heat and quality can be greatly influenced by the soil in which they are grown, and a difference of a few miles can produce significant and profound changes in soil type. R.E. peppers are always grown on the same land by the same grower, giving our salsa and hot sauce a consistency of heat and flavor upon which you can rely. We also spend the extra money to use sea salt (known for its higher mineral content). Our spices are the finest quality you can buy, and some are ground from whole seed right here in our plant, to assure flavor that is unmatched. Our goal is to produce a salsa and hot sauce that delivers taste as well as heat. Our salsa recipes hot sauce recipes are taken from authentic Mexican salsa recipes learned by JK while living there over the years. From hundreds of Mexican recipes salsa recipes hot sauce recipes he picked those he thought were the best and combined thier qualities to produce Religious Experience. So many salsas and hot sauces on the market today think if it is hot it will do. In fact our salsa and hot sauce are so flavorable they can provide a delicious foundation to many recipes. Please note that we use NO VINEGAR, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO FILLERS...or, to put it another way, artificial hydrogenated sodium cassinate monodiglyceride dipotassium phosphate aluminosilicate NOT!!! Our secret ingredient is joy---- we put JOY in every jar...